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Owensboro Computer Repair Service offers free estimates for virus removal, data recovery and hardware repair for your desktop or laptop PC.  Has your PC stopped working?  Owensboro Computer Repair Service offers free diagnosis to determine the cause of failure.  Have you lost important data from your hard drive or lost pictures from a camera chip?  Owensboro Computer Repair Service will analyze your hard drive or camera chip and determine if data recovery is possible.  If data recovery cannot be completed there is no charge.  No recovery no fee guarantee
If your PC is infected with a virus Owensboro Computer Repair Service will remove all traces of the virus without harming your programs or data.  A virus is the main cause of most PC problems today.  PC repairs, data recovery service, virus removal, we do it all.  We are your best choice for computer repair service.  Locally owned and operated in Owensboro, Kentucky and serving all surrounding counties including Southern Indiana.

       ***Free Diagnosis***

Desktop and laptop Repair
   Owensboro Computer Repair is your complete computer repair service.
   Virus removal, data recovery, wireless network setup for home or business
   and any repairs necessary to get your desktop or laptop PC back up and running. 
   Don't pay others $70.00 or more just to look at your computer.  There is no 
   charge for testing your computer and giving you the cost of repairs.  No hidden
   costs or gimmicks.  If you decide not to have repairs made there is no charge.
   Our data recovery service has a no recovery no fee guarantee!


• V
irus Removal  
    When you get a computer virus hackers will try to steal your credit card and 
    bank information.  If you have a virus removal program on your screen showing
    you have several infections and wanting your credit card information to repair
    them this is a virus.  Even if you have an up to date anti-virus program on
    your computer it can become infected.  A professional virus removal is necessary
    to remove all infections.  Owensboro Computer Repair guarantees to remove all
    infections from your PC and have you safely back up and running.

• Data Recovery Service
     Owensboro Computer Repair can recover lost data, pictures or documents.
     If your computer fails to boot up or shows blue screen errors it has become
     corrupted.  Data recovery is necessary to save your lost files.  Pictures can be
     recovered from camera memory chips that have accidentally been erased or
     have become corrupted.  Owensboro Computer Repair data recovery service
     is guaranteed to recover your data, pictures or documents from your PC or
     pictures from your camera chip or there is no charge!  
     No recovery no fee!

• Recover lost Pictures
    Owensboro Computer Repair is your complete data recovery service.  Have you
     lost important pictures stored on your camera or PC?  If your camera is telling 
     you to format the camera chip or your PC has crashed your pictures can still
     be recovered.  There is never a charge if your pictures cannot be recovered.
     No recovery no fee!!!   

 Wireless Setup
     Owensboro Computer Repair can setup your home or business wireless internet
     and set your security settings so your network is safe and secure from hackers.
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